International competition as a formula to reflect on the concepts of Smart housing, Flexible, Sustainable and Affordable applied to social housing.

The project is a residential complex dedicated to experimental artistic development and therefore mainly inhabited by artists, creative or people involved in the sector. In order to promote coexistence and creative effervescence, a free program takes place at the same time set by mobile housing units. These rooms are like wooden boxes open to the roof and allow great flexibility to be able to move them and change the space according to the inspiration of others.
The building is constructed by three floors occupying the area of the parcel and among which are development all possible activities. On the cover is provide a basketball court where clear the mind. Finally the building is understood as a large square of art bounded by wooden buildings that are rooms and capable of holding between its soils countless performances.


Project International competition for young artists housing
Promoter Cordoba Municipal Housing
Location Cordoba, Spain
Date April 2011
Architects Belen Chirivella & Jose Duran, Angel Fito (student)
Artist colaborator Garcia Cesar
Viability Engineer and economist Pablo Chirivella
Total floor area 1.354,5 m2