The intervention area is characterized by two main aspects: its isolation, deriving from its historical confinement between railways, and its physical proximity to major activity centers in the city of Reus. Both aspects have conditioned the urban response. The current project has a clear intention to define and work on public space, but looking to turn new relationships between different levels of privacy and space of the city in line with the idiosyncrasies of our time. We therefore propose to rethink the block, closed, or compact, which has generated traditional urbanism and classic, in order to seek  new relationships. To this end, the urban void  created by the block contains nature wich provides fresh air and as the building rises above the ground, new transparencies through these green carpets should enhance the spatial quality of the city.


Project  International competition for young artists housing
Promoter EUROPAN 10
Location Cordoba, Spain
Date july 2009
Architects Belen Chirivella & Alberto Gomez